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Tell me all your story,  I will listen to you.           

I have another story – It never came true.          

Tell me how long did you wait… I kept silent – I will tell.

You wanted me to fly, when I could barely walk.

I had to tell you something, but – no success to talk.

Than it felt so sad to me… Without you I was lonely.

A smile without permission, is waking up in me

How all Sunflowers single flower watching, in the distance when I see.

Our Brand name is Art E Fakt. Art Souvenirs Ltd. is created in 2013 year, but our production started about 30 years ago. We can offer:

  • Event management
  • Festivals
  • Design and production of  unique products
  • Management and Production
  • Pre-print and Print
  • Video and Writing

You can find more information Here.

How it all started?

We started with production of toys for children and souvenirs made by eco-leather and suede. This made us distinguishable in Bulgaria and abroad. For several years we were participants in "Plovdiv Fair" and in International exposition for children toys in Nurnberg - Germany, Reklama-Expo in Bulgaria, and many others forums, where we were presenting our products. Our brand name at the beginning was Toel-Toys. The production was basically directed to business-customers. We were designing articles for agencies, big chain stores for children toys etc. Our business was developing well until the coming of the Chinese manufacturers. In this time, our brand became noncompetitive.

Then, we had to take an important decision. We had two options - the first one - to give up, which was impossible for us, because we love what we do, and the second option - to try to fight with the big machine which we hit. Actually, we didn't do nor the one, nor the other. We decided to change our concept and began the production of unique boutique products by customers idea. This is how the idea for our production service came. We would like to launch the individual projects, but not an exact range of products.

We call the service - realizing of clients ideas. We would like to create products, which clients want and invent themselves. We think, that our customers are creative enough, which gives field to express the brand like ours. But if some of our clients doesn`t have an idea, we have an opportunity for them, too. They can ask us for our offer and we can produce an article, according the meaning, which it should bring. We bet the emotional price of the products which we produce. In the menu Portfolio products you can view samples of products, made for some of our customers.

When we started the brand Art Souvenirs, we decided to develop it in a bigger project. So we created a place, where we can present not only unique products, but our whole activity, too. "Art E Fakt" became the place, where you can be in touch with the art in its every form. A place where you can see different kinds of arts. One "bar", where you can communicate with designers, painters, musicians, photographers, sculptors, event managers and others... and be served by them. The place was a cocktail-bar, where we were located an art gallery, a musical scene, an event-center and others. There you could find attention to the detail, no matter if it is about a gift, an event, or just drinking coffee.

In 2021, because of the pandemic, it came time for change again!

We decided, that there is no need to make people come to us, when we can go to them. So, again we expanded our activity and we became an event managers in different physical objects. We created a concept and partnerships, which allows us to realize our projects to many and different locations. In the meantime, our team trained in 3-D Print, sound design, audio and video processing and others, so we can be maximum flexible for our customers needs.

In March 2022, we opened Art E Fakt atelier in Sofia. There, you can see part of our products, you can meet our team and discuss your ideas for events and products. You can subscribe our Facebook page  so you don`t miss a thing.

Why should you choose us?

We are trying to listen and understand our clients and their needs. First of all, we bet the service, the quality and the attitude. This applies as for the customers, as for our team, too. We think, that every person is special and we would like to show this to him - with attitude, unique products /which you can find in our portfolio or we can create in the future/ and with the respect to every view point. We would like to be promoted by the people, because we reached them out.

We suggest emotion, personal attitude, memories, an interesting concept and opportunities.


If you would like to discuss your ideas with us, use the contact form HERE.

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