Festival 2019

Festival 2019

Festival „Art E Fakt“

Festival 2019 „Art E Fakt“!

Moto: The art in process!


Within three days, 31.05.2019 – 02.06.2019, you are going to be witnesses of making to paints, graphics, graffiti, embroidery, wine paints, body art. You are going to able to see photos, a short film, literary reading, as to hear much music, too! There are going to has a ROLLER, too! Why? You are going to know on place!

Festival „Art E Fakt“ is something, which we created, because of our feeling about the art, because of our love to its and because of, that Art E Fakt  is a place, where it is going to meet you with the art – as until now, as and in the future, too.

For the first edition of the festival, we choose one cause, which is important for us, exactly – to assist to National Musical School „Liubomir Pipkov“, it to collects resources, with which its Jazz-band, to go to USA, where to presents Bulgaria.

The children of National Musical School swam a invitation for third time, after visit of their peers from Cincinnati, under the guidance of Dr. Izidor Rudnik and concerts in Sofia.

In the name of our cause, all exhibits, which are made in the festival time and are special-gave from the authors, who are going to take a part, they are going to be give for sell, like the founds from their sells, they are going to be give to National Musical School.

We are waiting for you!



The Festival 2019 program days:

Demonstration and exhibitions:

Iliana Kucarova – a 3D painting and pained t-shirt

Dimitrina Bogdanova – a painting with hand-made paints

Rumiana Karastamova – a graphic
Neli Drumeva – a graphit

Rosica Miladinova – paintings with wine and body art
Daiana Prokopova – textile

Erik Risman – photography

Liuben Liubenov – photograpy

Daniela Borisova – vision design advertising


12:00 PM – Festival Art E Fakt’s finding

06:30 PM – Jazz band of National Musical School „Liubomir Pipkov“, with Todor Bakardjiev’s leadership

07:30 PM – Daniela Marcheva and Elena Bakardjieva’s literary reading with musical accompaniment Todor Bakardjiev /a trumpet/, Liuben Liubenov /a bass guitar and a piano/, Aleksandar Lazarov /percussion instruments/


04:00 PM – Body art – Rosica Miladinova

05:30 PM – Fashion review – „The emotions inside me“ – Iliana Kucarova

06:30 PM – Jazz band of National Musical School „Liubomir Pipkov“, with Todor Bakardjiev’s leadership

07:30 PM – Brazz Villij
08:30 PM – Tornado Rock Band


02:30 PM – Engraving printing on wood with an asphalt roller

06:30 PM – Jazz band of National Musical School „Liubomir Pipkov“, with Todor Bakardjiev’s leadership
08:00 PM – „The music is love“ – Stanislava Dimitrova – Sunnie – vocal, Todor Bakardjiev – a trumpet, Georgi Petrov – a piano, Svoboda Bozduganova – a contrabass


For reservations: 0889352476

With assistance of:

Art Souvenirs OOD

National Musical School „Liubomir Pipkov“

Bulgarian National Radio

Program „Hristo Botev“


Interview – Bulgarian National Radio, Program „Hristo Botev“, ARTEFIR

02.05.2019 г.


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