Video and Writing


Art E Fakt offers the service of making an art video, lyric video and others.


We can create: poems, song lyrics, event invitation text, advertising text, even a message for someone beloved. 

Prom - gift order

 In future you will see expressionless faces and shocks.

But leaving you alone in this, isn`t even in my taught.

Happy graduation, honey, mom will always love you!

The door is always open, but spread your wings, my baby girl!

                                Autor: Elena Bakarjieva

Invitation Text…

Once upon a time, there was a boy and girl…

He couldn`t easily open his heart in front her.

But after many years, the wheel reversed for them…

                                                 Autor: E. Bakarjieva

… Because we are different, we have two Bridesmaids and Best man,

Couse we love the most two woman and two man…

                                                Autor: E. Bakarjieva

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