Weddings by Art E Fakt – We can suggest you an whole concept or realization of your own idea TOGETHER, so we can make your wedding day unforgettable!

We offer you organization, coordination, concept, place, menu, decoration, gifts for your guests, invitations and everything that you can imagine for this day.

We can offer you artists, who are going to make the best party for you and your guests. We are going to predict every situation and are going to offer the decisions that you are looking for.

We are going to make your every wish true – even those you still don’t know you have!



And as on every occasion, your wedding day needs to have a decoration, gifts, invitations and all the small details., that are important part of the preparation. They contribute to the atmosphere, the vision, even the mood. Accorded to the concept of the event, except beautiful, they can be functional too.

You can see part of our products for weddings Here.

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Art E Fakt Activity

We have organized different kind of concerts and musical events and festivals. Over the years, we managed to meet artists with different kind of projects, who enriched us and enriched the Bulgarian cultural scene. We can provide artists and musicians in variety of styles – jazz, funk, pop, rock, classic music, Latin, swing, Folklore music and others. Over the years, we realized and have seen collaborations between  different styles and collaborations between different arts. 

We have organized literature events, exhibitions and readings.

Art E Fakt deals with advertising, publishing and production or artists and art projects, video processing, pre-print. We are trying to be as useful as we can to those who trust us. 

We are developing a collaborative project, bringing different artists  from different king or arts, together on one stage in one united project. The first project Art E Fakt, we named GAMBIT. It`s premiere is going to happen on 04.11.2020. For more information, you can see section Events or our pages in the social media.  

You can look at our Festivals, Literature events, Management and Production, Pre-print and Print, Video Processing, Writing, Private events, Production of unique articles, production of wedding articles /starting from the invitation and ending with the gifts for the guests, passing by the bouquet and all necessary), Hand-made painted T-shirts, Applications and paint on textile, decoration on glasses and bottles, and other Art E Fakt activities in sections Services and our Online Shop.

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