Рамка Рисувани чаши, картини, пръстени, химикалки и други.

We can create a product for every occasion. You can use our contact form to discuss your idea. The limit is your imagination!  You can see more paintings  HERE. Art E Fakt can make a hand-made, digital or engraved paintings. Use our contact form. We can produce a hand-made– painted, 3D-decorateg or engraved glasses, cups, plates and others. The images are made of acrylic paint and the decoration – of clay, twine, wire, textile, paper, stone, beads and others. We can design a pre-production project of your article, or – if you need bigger quantity – we can produce a sample. We can decorate glasses, bottles, we can produce products of eco-leathered, paintings, caricatures, non-standard figurines, painted textile, we can decorate your textile and sneakers, we can design and produce article by your quotation, 3D-print and others. You can see our Services – writing, pre-print and print, event management and decoration, organization, coordination, brand management and others.

Показване на 25 резултата

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